Install Bathroom Wall Tiles

Jan 15th

Bathroom wall tiles – Any type and any size tile can be mounted on a bathroom wall, but wall tiles are good only wall installations. Remember the following rule when shopping for bathroom wall tiles: you can put floor tiles on the wall, but you cannot put the wall tiles on the floor. The most popular wall tiles are the 4 x 4 inch square tiles, usually solid colors with a shiny finish. These tiles are generally the easiest to install on a bathroom wall; After all, it’s their purpose.

Ideas for install bathroom wall tiles, measure the dimensions of the walls you want to tile and buy enough tiles to cover space footage, plus an additional 10-15% for cuts and waste. Four-by-four inch wall tiles usually come in 12.5 square foot cartons (100 tiles). Clean the wall to free dust, dirt and grime. Wall tiles can be installed directly on painted or unpainted plasterboard. If plasterboard is painted with semi-gloss or high gloss paint, paint must be treated with a TSP solution, or a liquid grinding solution, to degrade the paint surface so that the tile will stick to the wall.

Then to install bathroom wall tiles, measure walls that will receive tiles and mark the center point of the wall. Draw a thick line down in the middle of each wall. This will be the starting point for the tile. Place a drop cloth on the floor underneath the wall being tiled. Use a marginal trowel to load the acrylic mastic onto a v-notch trowel. Starting at floor level, spread mastic on a 2-foot x 2-foot area on the wall using uprights. Place the edge of the first tile on the center line with spacers between tiles and floors.

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