Installing Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Feb 1st

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet comes in several different models. They can be “basic” cabinets, which mean they are sitting on the floor. Downstairs cabinets usually have doors that allow for storage under the top. The top of it can either have a sink or have a flat surface that can be used as a vanity or other similar purpose. Wall cabinet, as the name suggests, hang on the wall, which releases valuable sink, vanity, and drawer space. Since “pre-fab” or complete cabinets can be purchased, it is possible to install the bathroom cabinet yourself.


Determine whether to install a base or wall cabinet. If you choose a Bathroom Mirror Cabinet, you must measure the available floor space in the purchase of the right size cabinet. Determine the position of wall controls using a control detector or tap walls easily with a hammer. (The space between the rules sounds hollow). Bathroom cabinet must be attached to the studs to be sure. Make a faint pencil mark at stud places. Measure the area to see the size of the bathroom cabinet. Record your measurements on a paper.

Purchase Bathroom Mirror Cabinet and hardware. Make sure all parts are correct and included. Stain and paint bathroom cabinets, and allow them to dry thoroughly before installing. Use a level and measure tape to ensure that the supports become straight. Easy mark was top, middle and bottom of support will be. Secure the supports securely, using the trademarks to make them properly positioned. A hammer and nail will be needed to secure them securely to the wall. Install the bathroom cabinet on the supports. Make sure the cabinets are stuck; otherwise they can drag and drop when objects are placed in them.