Installing Bathroom Vanity Sets

Apr 6th

Bathroom Vanity Sets – Installing a vanity sink can be a simple task provided you have all the necessary tools. First, you will need to select a dresser. When selecting a vanity consider the use of the bathroom. If you are installing a dresser in a visitor’s bathroom, you may not need anything more than a pedestal sink. However, if you are replacing the toilet in the bathroom used by a couple of teenagers, you may need some storage, drawers and double sinks!

To install a bathroom vanity sets first you need to connect hot and cold water. Plumbing is usually established with hot water in cold water and from left to right. Using the channel locking clips Connect the cold and hot pipe from where it leaves the wall to where it is connected to the key. At this time it may be appropriate to connect the tap as well. Next, you will need to connect the drain. A toilet or is connected with PVC pipe or aluminum pipes.

There is always a “P” trap and the drain goes on the wall before running into the sewer. The drain pipe is connected with channel locking pliers. Once the bathroom vanity sets pipe is connected it is time to test the waters, so to speak. Check any leak if there are leaks, turn off the water to disassemble the pipe and put it back together taking special care not for badly Thread the pipe.