Installing Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Feb 6th

Bathroom Vessel Sinks – A stylish and simple way for any homeowner to upgrade their bathroom is to install a vessel sink into a bathroom. A vessel basically looks like a large bowl which sits on top of the bathroom counter as opposed to below the counter like standard bathroom sinks. These sinks are common additions to the bathrooms within newly constructed hotels, condominiums and restaurants, and are an emerging trend within the home rehabbing industry. Since bathrooms are a key selling point in real estate, having a modernized bathroom is very important. Installing bathroom vessel sinks will help modernize any bathroom.

Installing bathroom vessel sinks is relatively easy. Since these types of sinks are built in above the counter top the drain holes they require are much smaller than a typical sink bowl which is built into the counter. Unfortunately for many homeowners installing a new sink, they will have to purchase a whole new counter, which can drastically increase the cost. This kind of bathroom sink can be found at any home improvement store, where the sales associates can provide insight into proper installation. The most grueling installation tasks include disconnecting and reconnecting the bathroom drain and water source. If this seems too difficult, hiring a plumber is a good idea.

Overall, bathroom vessel sinks are a fairly cheap home improvement option. Vessels normally cost less than $200, and if professional installation is needed, it shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars. The largest cost associated with the new sink is if a new counter top is needed. Depending on the style of counter top selected and the size, the cost of the counter top could be a couple of thousand dollars, including installation. Overall, most homeowners will find that the costs associated with a new sink are worthwhile when considering the value it adds to the bathroom.