Kitchen Valance Curtains for Living Room

Jan 30th

Kitchen valance curtains, elegant pieces of decorative window treatments that can turn boring kitchens into something nuanced. With that, it can be a little confusing to judge what kind of curtain is best suited in your kitchen. If you have a lot of traffic passing throughout the day you will want to allow some light to come in during the day to light up the room without having to waste electricity. They should also provide enough privacy at night when the sun finally goes down. A panel curtain is often a selection curtain but you have many styles to choose from.

Kitchen valance curtains can get dirty easily from kitchen heat and fat so you want something that can be easily washed but still durable. Polyesters are popular fabrics that can survive a lot of laundry without being worn. The polyester cotton mixture is another adequate material. The hardware for your curtains need not be too complicated. Often these pieces include stems, brackets, finials and a black tie. It will be very easy to find something that fits your kitchen style because it is mostly made in a simple pattern that can fit any theme.

Once you decide on the fabric and the hardware it’s time to break the style. There are several styles to choose from. One of them is curtains of mosquito net. This is the curtain that covers the top of your kitchen window while letting the rest of the window be exposed to as much light as possible. Mosquito nets and stolen goods like the others but have a hanging tip about a third of the way down to give a little more on the sun protection path. Kitchen valance curtains are great for a kitchen that receives lots of light naturally.