Let’s Talk About Black Shower Curtain

Apr 3rd

Black shower curtain – today this trend is no longer so taxing and every time we find in more and more homes outside bathrooms and full of sunlight. The curtains are a decorative element that can completely change the look of a room, dressing not only the window that covers but the whole environment. In different ways, colors, styles and materials are the star element in many rooms, including bathrooms.

The Japanese black shower curtain composed of 5 pieces, no doubt full of color and joy the bathroom that decorates. With spring colors, subtly moving from one side to another between greens and pinks, and decorative motifs of orchids, this cheerful and elegant combination is ideal for bathrooms that need a touch of color.

We know in advance how decorators manage to innovate and want to present their best ideas to the interior design sector. The concept that we see below, far from being the typical black shower curtain that occupies the space of the window, goes further, and integrates part of the roof. Long orange strips replace the fabrics and with the dark shade ceiling creates a perfect harmony through the contrast of pigments giving the bathroom a modern and futuristic style.