Long Curtain Rods for doorway

Jan 27th

Long Curtain Rods – Finish interior doorways with a curtain for a softer room layout than a traditional interior door. Make curtain sticks using a deciduous wood stick instead of buying one for the door. Adding a decorative wood box twist to each end will create a little bullet to the ends to complete the appearance. Finish the wood to match the doorway trim for a uniform look. The curtain rod can be attached above the doorway using your metal or wood curtain brackets.


Place a hardwood tree trunk on a work surface. Select the center of each end of the wooden stick with a center marking tool. Drill a 2/1 inch deep hole at the center of each end of the plug using a 1/16 inch drill. Screw a threaded wooden box knob into each drilled hole so that the steering wheels are tightened to each end of the plug. Sand surface Long Curtain Rods unit with a fine grit slat in the same direction as the wood fibers. Wipe off dust from the assembly with a please cloth. Apply two layers of wood finish on the wooden stick assembly with a brush. Allow the finish line to dry four hours between rocks. Allow the last layer of paint to dry for 24 hours before placing the bar on the brackets above the door opening.

Tips and warnings

Select Long Curtain Rods bar brackets that match the surface layers of the room. Use protective goggles when using electric tools to prevent damage.