Luxury 60 Inch Bathroom Vanity Double Sink

Apr 5th

Do you want to give a retro touch to your bathroom? This design by Mariangel Coghlan is a good idea to achieve this, as well as adding luxury and glamour to the environment. 60 inch bathroom vanity double sink in limestone on wood, is a combination with which you will not fail, to be natural and noble materials allow merge. Playing with the mirror can be very helpful; you will give luminosity and spaciousness to the bathroom.

To achieve the retro 60 inch bathroom vanity double sink, the elements of the decoration must look old, like the mirror frame. Details like the lantern style lamp and the presence of the chair, accentuate the elegance of the space. The innovative feature of this bathroom is the arrangement of its suspended furniture. The washbasin with curved and straight lines becomes the center of attention of this white and luminous space.

The metallic touches that accompany it as we can see on the countertop, faucets and in the pot give it an avant-garde touch, the rectangular mirror helps the feeling of spaciousness. Elongated and stylized, 60 inch bathroom vanity double sink in a clear wood holds two white washbasins. Because of the nobleness of wood, it becomes an ideal material if it is a matrimonial bathroom, since it makes the decoration more neutral.

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