Measure Bathroom Vanity Lights

Nov 12th

Bathroom vanity lights – Proper lighting around a bathroom vanity can really help make the sink a useful space. Lighting can also help highlight this part of bathroom design and enhance the appearance of the mirror and vanity. When measuring for lighting above a bathroom vanity, pay attention to the plumbing and light codes, as well as bathroom planning guidelines.

Measure the height of the bathroom vanity lights on either side of the mirror so that the bottom of the lamp screen will be level with the primary user’s eyes. Measure the width of the lamps on either side of the mirror so that there is a minimum of 4 inches of space on each side of the mirror panel and the skirt cover is to be placed. If this area is within 3 meters of a bath or shower, a shot cannot be placed here, and the light should go above the mirror or the medical cabinet.

Measure for bathroom vanity lights above a mirror so that there is at least 4 inches of space between the top of the mirror and the ceiling for mounting a shine or light bar. Make sure the lighting can be switched on from a switch located between 15 inches and 48 inches from the finished floor, within reach of either vanity or the entrance to the bathroom.

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