Measuring Beach Shower Curtain

Jan 30th

A vinyl beach shower curtain liner will do the hassle if all you want is something to keep water restricted when you take a shower. A regular liner, however, is not so attractive. Many shower drapes are on the market, some cost hundreds of dollars. If you are on a budget, making a shower drapery is a very simple project. When you measure a shower curtain, it helps if you already have shower curtain rings and a liner at hand.

Measure the width of the beach shower curtain. If you already have a liner and want the curtain the same width, use a tape measure to find the width fed. Otherwise, use a tape measure to find the length of the bathtub or shower curtain rod. Adjust the measured width depending on the style you want.

Find the vertical length of the beach shower curtain. Begin by measuring from the bottom of a curtain ring on the shower curtain rod to the floor outside the bathtub. Subtract an inch from the measured distance so the curtain will not pull along the floor when you set it up. For example, if you measure 72 inches, subtract one for a vertical length of 71 inches.