Nice Idea Blue Bathroom Tiles

Nov 10th

Blue bathroom tiles – In our hectic modern world, blue is a calm and soothing color that makes an ideal choice for bathrooms. Make use of useful online color to choose your blue combinations for the most professional results. Pair your new blue paint with durable glass or ceramic tiles to create a bathroom that will keep up with the physical stress of your everyday life and use as well.

Royal blue and turquoise make a good combination with contrasting, sunshine for accent. Paint royal blue on walls from about 3 meters from the floor down, and paint turquoise on the top of the walls. Create a contrasting ribbon between the two colors by attaching a ribbon of yellow edge tiles where the two blues intersect. Accent in the same way around mirrors, windows and doors with narrower yellow borders. Use paint-matched royal blue bathroom tiles on the floor and make a faux “carpet” with a band of yellow mosaic tiles about 6 inches from the walls all around. Clean white fixtures will contrast well.

If you prefer a dark bathroom with a modern feel, this may be something for you. Male ceiling and top third of the walls deep midnight blue mix it in the middle third with a brighter royal blue and finishing with a medium deep blue on the bottom third. You want a paint sprayer to blend the colors smoothly. Where the walls touch the floor and ceiling, create 4-inch trim ribbon of cobalt blue bathroom tiles stained with gold. Use cobalt blue fixtures and gilded hardware for this luxurious look.

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