Pretty White Shower Curtain

Jan 29th

White shower curtain work well for standard length baths with standard ceilings, curtains seem out of proportion in bathrooms with high ceilings. Buy a shower curtain to match extra height in space. Shop online to find length longer than 72 inches (1.82 m), such as 84 inches (2.10 m) and 96 inches (2.45 m) curtains.  An extra-large shower and separate bath with shower require additional width curtain; purchase two of same shade to solve this problem.

Work with elements in your bathroom to decide what color decorative white shower curtain  buying. For example, if soil is composed of black 1 inch (2.5 cm) blue-green tiles and you have two elements to boost search: a feature of focal point and busy guy and a color scheme.

Find a shower curtain in white solid color or slightly darker or lighter tone of your tile version. You can also try to match color exactly. If you have fabric already in bathroom, such as rugs, towels, or curtains, look for a color that matches fabric. If other fabrics and surfaces in room are clear or solid color, add visual interest to your shower curtain. Choose a white shower curtain with large graphical model.