Quick and Easy Corner Curtain Rod Diy Installation

Nov 2nd

Windows can be focal point of your room. Complete decor decorates a room. Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Hang curtains usually quite simple in standard windows. However, when windows come together in a corner solution may not seem obvious at first. Special hardware is available for easy hanging curtains in corner windows. Corner curtain rod connectors can be purchased for joining two bars in corner.

First, you can buy two decorative corner curtain rod to accommodate width of each of two windows. If you are using decorative rods with finials, you use only tops on outer edges of windows. Next, hold rods in place and use a carpenter’s level to ensure that measures are level. Two adjacent windows cannot be at exactly same height, so be sure to compare their positions marked for each window. It is important that two curtain rods at same height.

And then, attach brackets to wall with screws. If you find you are not able to screw supports of a wall, you need to use wall anchors for corner curtain rod can withstand weight of curtains. Then, slide a curtain in each of two rods. Next step is, place tops on outer ends of each rod. Then connect two rods in center with a connector bar. And then place two rods into brackets. Adjust curtain panels to outer edges of windows.