Separation Ideas for Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Feb 6th

A double sink bathroom vanity is a near necessity when two or more people share a bath. A double sink vanity has two baths sinks and a longer counter space. The extra space on the kitchen sink and sink makes the morning bath routine much easier. Many styles of vanity and sink are available to choose from, which ensures an option to suit any preference.

Double sink bathroom vanity is typical in master bathroom but is also useful in shared bathrooms. Double sink vanity is usually installed as a unit in the same space on the kitchen counter. But you can separate the two sinks to define each person’s space. Place a shelf with the same finish between the two freestanding vanities, and you will have a continuous flow separation.

Install a set of drawers with a matching worktop that is a few inches higher than the wash counters. Both people want access to sets of drawers, but the difference in height separates the double sink bathroom vanity. Similarly, you can make a portion of the disk lower in the middle of the ideal height to put on the make-up. If you have a window in the bathroom, install benches on each side and connect them with a comfortable window space.