Shower Curtain Hooks Ideas

Apr 9th

Shower Curtain Hooks – Few things are more frustrating than a shower curtain that slides freely on the bar. Because the shower curtain hooks are made to slide easily over the rod, they also slip away on a regular basis. With your shower curtain hanging outside the rod can make it fold into itself, to encourage the growth of mold when the part of your curtain does not dry. Keep your bathroom clean and tidy by preventing the shower curtain from slipping off the bar.


Purchase Shower Curtain Hooks that snap into the top. Often there are not enough hooks in the package to have one in each hole in the shower curtain. Add additional hooks to easily distribute the weight of the curtain and help it stop. Slide the end of the Shower Curtain Hooks through the eye until it snaps.  Replace the rod and check every week to make sure that the weight of your shower curtain does not pull it away from the hooks.

Tips and warnings

You can also bend the ends of your Shower Curtain Hooks to make them more secure against the shower curtain bar if you want to work with the hooks you already have. Be careful. Plastic hooks snap easily.