Simple yet Pretty Elephant Shower Curtain

Jan 31st

When it comes to decorating the bathroom you have to pay attention to multiple details. From the style of the tiles to the correct selection of accessories , through some beautiful  accessories to take advantage. Today on the other hand we want to stop in the elephant shower curtain, an optional element (not all bathrooms have it) but which is the most helpful and economical, without having to renounce the design .

It is considered a more elegant type of elephant shower curtain for its fabric finish and its slight drop. Its textile composition makes them especially delicate and favorable to the proliferation of bacteria if they are not ventilated and left to dry properly, although the industry has advanced a lot in its waterproofing. Simple, without fuss, usually in white or translucent, smooth curtains either in plastic or fabric try to go unnoticed to center the decoration in the rest of the bathroom.

In this case it is about elephant shower curtain that carry a certain work of confection in different fabrics, whether gauze, cotton and ruffles or lace. They usually fulfill a more decorative purpose and are perfect for vintage bathrooms or to decorate free-standing bathtubs that fulfill the function of shower and therefore need protection against splashes.