Simply Rustic Bathroom Lighting

Feb 2nd

Today I bring you a type of post that I like very much: Ideas rustic bathroom lighting, in this case rustic style. If you are here because you are going to renew the lighting of your bathroom this is your post. However, if you simply like decoration and lighting stay because you will also be interested. The wall lamp located on the side of the mirror is not very functional since you cannot direct the light as if it were a modern wall lamp.

However, the decorative function fulfills it perfectly, helping to create a warm, close environment. Another bathroom that I personally love, especially because of the type of lamp next to the mirror. They have the shape of a lantern, very used in the past and give that vintage-rustic touch so cool. They have a dark brown color and a point of rustic bathroom lighting inside.

The warm light they emit fits brilliantly with the clear colors of the bathroom and in principle it will be totally sufficient to illuminate the mirror correctly. Another rustic bathroom, in this case with two ceiling lamps. Risky rustic bathroom lighting especially depending on the type of bathroom and the roof you have. If it is too low can give a feeling of overwhelm and achieve the opposite effect, however it seems that this is pretty good.