Special Corner Window Curtain Rod

Mar 30th

I would appreciate guidance as to how you would design corner window curtain rod of a small apartment that we have purchased with my partner, especially the window of the living-dining room, since it has at your side, continuously, a glass door to go out onto the terrace. This consultation gave me the opportunity to write an article about curtains in windows with strange shapes.

Curtains are necessary in every home, because as much as one sees decoration photos where they do not have curtains, this is impractical in reality. Obviously it is very easy to install corner window curtain rod of traditional format, but the thing is complicated when we must install them in windows that have curves, taken out, or any other way that goes out of the ordinary.

For this reason, we are going to review how to install curtains to get the most out of your home. In the case, which has corner window curtain rod, the most practical thing is to install curtains with an “L” shape, in such a way that it can cover the window and the door. Since it is probably difficult to install double bar, it would be best to install thick curtains, so that these are enough to give privacy and not have to install curtains to part.