Special Square Bathroom Sinks

Mar 27th

Get your very own style in the bathroom by installing a shaped square bathroom sinks on a special table, rack or shelf. You can choose the more raw style with a washbasin in concrete or natural stone with a faucet in brushed brass. If you’re into the more classic style, you can choose a white porcelain washbasin with a brass-coated faucet, so it’s got a more embellished look.

However, you should be aware that it is best if the table top on which the sink is mounted is in a water repellent material. Water and moisture will quickly accumulate and it should not be able to penetrate the worktop. White porcelain washbasin with water faucet in brushed brass. The round shape of the square bathroom sinks is emphasized when placed on a table top and gives a sculptural expression.

I’m really crazy about this bathroom, where the details of Marroque floor tiles, luminaires, mirrors and a combination of furniture with a chest of drawers in painted wood with fitted square bathroom sinks in cast concrete are required. Unfortunately, it’s not the most practical solution with a wood top. Bathroom environment furnished with shelves, which allow for storage and display of toiletries, baskets and towel. The shelves are in american ebony.