Steps Installing Grommet Blackout Curtains

Jan 19th

Grommet Blackout Curtains – Curtains are beautiful assets to a room, beautiful that is until they become inside a dark cave. The best way to gather a window curtain to allow light to shine in the collection is to use cables or install a retained value for curtains. A retained value is a strap that pulls the curtain completely away from the window by collecting it inside a strap that is attached to the wall. Creating your own is cheap and will allow you to have complete control over the result.

All you need are hooks, fabrics and some tools. Place a hook (any hook, wood, brass, metal that can be found at a local hardware store) on both sides of the window at a level below your waist. Materials of Purchase that matches or complements your color and shade pattern if you are doing a strap to pick up the grommet blackout curtains. Cut an appropriate length of fabric and create a duplicate strap for the other set of curtains.

Place one washer on each end of the two straps. The washer is what unites both ends for the hook. Buttonholes in any fabric store or crafts purchased together with a punch, punch and die. If you buy a cable grommet blackout curtains kit all the tools and instructions will come with it. Slip a buttonhole on the strap around the hook on the wall and pick up the curtain on the inside of the strap.