Techniques to Place Double Curtain Rod Brackets

Jan 27th

The curtain rods and their accessories, in addition to serving to hold the curtains, today fulfill a decorative function. The first thing we have to do double curtain rod brackets placement is calculate the width of the bar or bars that should extend. At least, 15 cm more on each side of the window gap. That’s how the light will come in when we pick up the curtain.

Step two, to cut the bar to size, advised to use a miter box and a rib saw. After cutting we will sand the ends to get a good final finish. Step three; come now with the installation of the double curtain rod brackets. We present the supports on the wall, which should be equidistant from the window, and we mark the fixing points. Step four, drill the holes with the drill and a wide bit.

Step five, introduce the plugs, fix the plates and place the supports. If the bar is too long or the curtain is too heavy, advised to place one or more central supports to give stability to the assembly. Step six, we put the decorative double curtain rod brackets terminals on the bars and introduce the curtain and the curtain. Now, we can put the bars in the supports and fix them with a few screws.