Tension Curtain Rods and Curtains Ideas

Jan 26th

The tension curtain rods are the right choice to hang a curtain on the window because it does not require any type of drilling on the wall or installing a decorative rod in this case. This is actually a modern study, for all of us. People now prefer to use tension-curtain rods rather than regular stems because of their light weight and using rubber edges to grip the wall. But most are used to hang light curtains as they are not meant to withstand heavy loads.

So if you’re interested in hanging weight, it’s better to use tension curtain rods. This is indeed facilitation for our modern life where we have no time to install curtain rods after drilling on walls and repairing accessories. Save a lot of time and provide services. But if you are afraid your tension rod is falling, then you can use two screws on the edge to fix it.

Rubbers used on the edges of the rod protect the walls from scratch. Also, this rubber edge is used to hold the wall in a better way. The maximum length of the tension rod, which is available in the market, is 85 inches. So you will not find another one of 85 inches. The main problem with length-tension curtain rods is bending. Long trunks can be rotated, even if no one is hung on it. Better to use it hang a curtain with a smaller width. For this reason, the voltage rod manufacturer does not produce it in longer lengths.