The Best Burlap Kitchen Curtains

Jan 29th

Burlap kitchen curtains are an interesting addition to shabby chic, primitive, country, or ecological decoration. The familiar loose fabric, often associated with potatoes and coffee, has a reputation for being cheap, abundant and easily accessible. If you want to transform bags that you are not using or plan to buy fabric by meter, it is a simple solution to make curtains.

There are several ways to get burlap to make curtains, depending on what you are looking for. Burlap is available at low cost per roll in garden centers if you want a very basic style. Fabric stores sell the burlap in a variety of colors, so you can make the burlap kitchen curtains a lighter shade or color. Another option is to buy used coffee bags. This option puts the sacks in good use, and often come printed with texts or graphics quite interesting.

The simplest burlap kitchen curtains have no ornaments, but burlap is a fabric that gets along well with paint. Avoid heavy, thick paints such as latex, and spray paint or acrylic paint for crafts applied with a sponge instead. If freehand painting is not your style, make or buy templates or apply masking tape on the burlap to create your own patterns. Other possibilities include stitched or glued embellishments such as pearls, embroidery and tassels added along the bottom edge.