Tile Bathroom Vanities with Tops

Nov 11th

Bathroom vanities with tops – Adding a tiled bench to your vanity can change the entire interior of your bathroom. With hundreds of tile designs on the market today you can match or create what style you like. You can install a beautiful lake scene or the border of your bench with no more work than usual tiles. With so many choices, the hardest part of placement is picking out the color, shape and texture you want. With a little work, you can create a bathroom vanity top that is beautiful and durable.

Remove the old bathroom vanities with tops if there is one. It is very important that your vanity be level. Using a 4 foot level, check back and forth and from side to side. Use spacers underneath if it is out. When you have that level, measure your plywood. The top can be of the same size as your vanity or one inch bigger in the front and on both sides. If you bought a new sink it would have come with a pattern to cut the opening. If you reuse a sink, place it up and down on the plywood where it needs to be for plumbing.

Then for install tile bathroom vanities with tops, place a water resistant barrier over the plywood. Trim it to just hang over the edges of wood, both on the outside and in the opening for the sink. Measure backer board to the same size and plywood. You can cut the backer board by scoring it with a knife and bend it over. Place the backer board on top of the plywood and get into the vanity and track out the sink opening.

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