To Make Waverly French Front Door Window Curtains

Jan 13th

You can make your own Waverly front door window curtains style using a fabric that fits your home decor. So, starting by install curtain rods on the French doors with hardware included with rods, following package installation instructions. Use rods that are about two inches longer than window width. Place the top bar two inches above the window and the bottom rod two inches below the window.

Second, measure the width and length of the window. Add 10 1/2 inches length measurement and double width measurement. Cut the panel front door window curtains from the fabric using these measurements. Third, fold the sides of the panel 1/2 inch against the wrong side of the fabric. Fold over another time; catch the raw edge of fabric inside the fold. Sew along each fold to the hem sides of the curtain panel. Fourth, fold 1/4 inch fabric against its wrong side at the top and bottom of the curtain panel.

Iron folds at high heat to hold it in place. This fold gives a nice edge when you make mess pockets. Fifth, thread over 3 inches of dust against the wrong side at the top and bottom of the panel to make the pole pockets. Sew along the bottom edge each fold to ensure the pockets are closed. Last, slide the front door window curtains rod at the top and bottom of the corresponding rod pocket. Hang the bars on the installed hardware. Arrange the rug so that it stays evenly along the width of both rods.