Very Fashionable Purple Blackout Curtains

Feb 2nd

A few years ago the purple blackout curtains color was very fashionable in the fashion world. But when we refer to decoration, this color has been present in the life of man for centuries, especially in the environments of royalty and aristocracy. First of all, purple is a color that helps to create an atmosphere of ideal concentration for rest, meditation or intellectual work, so if we want to encourage any of these activities, using purple and similar shades are the most suitable for the decor.

And if you wonder how to combine the furniture, bedding or other accessories in the room with a striking purple blackout curtains, I’ll tell you that one of the best choices you can make is white, light green, beige and yellow, and especially the shades soft inside the purple, like violets, lilacs or purples.

And best of all, purple can be used in all kinds of decorative styles, from a classic and formal approach, to a more modern and avant-garde one. What is certain with the decoration in purple blackout curtains is that any room in which you apply it will look much warmer and appeasing, so, as we already mentioned, it is ideal to  decorate the bedroom or spaces dedicated to relaxation, such as a yoga room.