What is Ideal Bathroom Vanity Lights

Dec 31st

Follow these helpful tips for choosing bathroom vanity lights that will work well in your home for years. Choosing right size: bathroom vanity lighting usually come in two, three and four varieties of light. While you want to be sure you have plenty of light, make sure one you choose is not greater than your vanity / cabinet width (which may be greater than mirror). If you have a very long double sink vanity or arrangement, you may want to consider using more than one device for best results.

Choose a finish: Finish of bathroom vanity lights should coordinate well with existing parties or faucets in your space. If your facility has a “glossy” look, go for a bright chrome or silver, brushed nickel finishes work well with accessories “brushed” to bathroom. Other finishes are making a comeback (in lighting and accessory design bathroom) aged bronze and brass tones.

Choose a light bulb: Do not use exposed bulbs in bathroom – throw vanity is very dated and produces a harsh light quality! To achieve a flattering light, choose a unit with a frosted glass covered (most of vanity lights today are same). You can also choose bulbs that are covered or have frosted glass for a flattering, although lighting.