Whiten White Linen Blackout Curtains

Jan 21st

Linen blackout curtains – White linen makes for an airy and fresh curtain, but time, sunlight and dirt can cause the fabric to yellow. Back the yellowing process and bleach your linen blackout curtains with just a few tweaks to your laundry routine. Modern linen manufacturers often recommend dry cleaning, but with a mild washing method and care when dried, you can fade them at home.

Vacuum the curtains properly while they’re hanging to remove excess dust and dirt, making it easier to determine if linen blackout curtains are really discolored or just dirty. Use a dust brush or clothing vacuum bracket with soft brush and keep the curtain tense as you work, moving quickly into small sections from top to bottom. Remove the curtains from the bar or clip when you’re done if you still feel that bleaching is necessary.

For thicker linen blackout curtains, a mild detergent, acid-based bleach, cold water and the sensitive bike on your tray are all you need to bleach them. Do not use standard bleaching agents; when it reacts with linen, a yellow shade develops. For older or more fragile fabrics, use your tub instead of the washing machine. Fill it with water and add a whiter detergent intended for antique sheets or acid-based bleach. Let the curtains soak overnight and then drain the bathtub, refill it with clean water. Add a cup of white distilled vinegar to stop the bleaching process; allow drying for a few minutes and rinse. Fill the bathtub with clean water once to wash away any residue.