Why Not Use Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Feb 3rd

The bathroom wall mirrors are a great tool to gain amplitude in small spaces. Large mirrors located in extra strategic places have the capacity to increase the sensation of depth, contributing to visually expand the room. Why not use them to visually expand the bathroom? If you are looking to visually enlarge your bathroom, a mirror without square or rectangular shape that extends from the ceiling to the floor will become your best ally.

That same mirror will also help to enhance the light of the bathroom and make it more practical. What kind of bathroom wall mirrors do we look for? To fulfill our purposes, the best option is to opt for a large, frameless mirror that covers an entire wall from the ceiling to the floor. When the mirror does not reach the ground, the sensation of depth is lost.

Where do we place the bathroom wall mirrors? We must keep in mind that the mirror will reflect the opposite wall and this image will be magnified. It is therefore convenient to place it in front of a clean and orderly wall, which has a certain “grace”. One of the most interesting locations is in front of a window with beautiful exterior views.