Window Curtain Ideas Treatment

Jan 31st

Window Curtain Ideas – Making an elegant window treatment is less complicated than you can imagine. Choosing a curtain style and fabric are part of the process. Combining different styles of curtains, such as a swatch and panels, can add elegance to any room in your home. Both swags and panels take some sewing and are easy to hang out for beginner decorators. Choose rich fabrics like fabric, velvet, brocade or even some decorator fabrics. Choose a fabric that will hang and flow well for both the swatches and the panels. Mix and match your fabrics, if desired. Use heavier fabrics for the panels, and a fabric easier weight for swatches.


Measure the length and width of the window and cut out the required number of curtain panels – usually two panels per Window Curtain Ideas. The only stitch you need to do is to fasten the two sides and the bottom edge of the panel and then put a bar pocket cover at the top. Make the pocket pocket by folding down the top edge of 6 inches and then sew two seams straight across the panel leaving 3 inches in between the seams of the cover. For the swap part, measure the length and width of the window, put these two numbers together, and double it to get the measurement for a length of fabric.

Hang the panels by installing the basic Window Curtain Ideas iron hardware and pull the bar through the bar pocket on the panels. Hang the bar on the hardware. To hang a swap, decide how many swings you want to lose, put one and loosen the fabric loosely around the bar. For example, if you want three swirl loops, wind the fabric around the bar four times. Hang the bar in place.